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Elina: The UK’s Most Honest Student


Elina, the £500 prize and why we’re not in the least bit sorry we ran the contest…

JUST LAST WEEK, Shag at Uni announced that 20-year old Elina Desaine from Exeter University was the winner of our Horniest Student 2013 competition. And the news of her recent victory went global.

The Daily Mail called the contest REVOLTING, NY Daily News called it DEGRADING and even The Times of India covered the story with one user writing Great Britain should be renamed to SHAME BRITAIN.


We knew when we first embarked on our mission to find the UK’s Horniest Student that this would be controversial and that it would shake tail feathers amongst prudes. We understood that this wouldn’t be to everyone’s taste and that’s fine. Everybody is entitled to have their own opinion on what is appropriate behaviour in society and what isn’t. However – the majority of the public commenting on this story are completely moronic and wrong.

Firstly, the competition was neither exploitative or sexist. We decided to launch the contest as a bit of fun (in line with our ALWAYS tongue in cheek brand) and to create a buzz around our website, At no stage did we ever force any students to enter against their freewill. Nor did we only allow women to enter. Many students make ‘sleep arounding’ one of their top priorities at university and we absolutely wanted to get behind that and jokingly crown the horniest, whilst giving one lucky individual the opportunity to make a bit of money out of their adventurous nature.

One of the other top complaints of users was how disgusting it is for Elina (or any other student that entered) to behave like a ‘slut’. Some suggesting it is rather soulless. Can people please wake up and smell the coffee! These individuals sleeping around are STUDENTS!! That is what they are supposed to do! They are meant to be enjoying themselves during their three or four years at university and exploring their sexuality, finding out what they like, who they like, what feels good etc etc. The public well and truly need to get over themselves and let the students have some fun.

Students face the highest tuition fees, the highest living costs and the toughest job market of ANY generation. But yes – let’s deprive them a little more and insist some ground rules on sex and how frequent they should partake in it and with a limit on the number of sexual partners they do it with. Who even gets to determine the line between a healthy and a “slutty” sex life anyway?

We consistently make sure we promote the use of contraception to our members. Our Horniest Student Elina even admitted to us that she always makes her sexual partners wear a condom. So any nasty user remarks stating that her partners should get an STI check or that she’s the ‘Poster Child for STDs’ are ignorant, unnecessary and highly inaccurate. Students are well informed and very capable at making smart choices. Like Elina, tens of thousands of students in the UK are also sexually promiscuous and why the hell shouldn’t they be? Whether they’re exploring themselves, whether they’re having fun or whether they’re drunk – as long as they protect themselves, sex is a natural animal instinct and it’s a commodity of theirs that they’re free to use how and when they wish.


Exeter University waded in on the debate with this statement on Elina:

“We certainly don’t condone this sort of behaviour but our main concern at this time is for the student and the impact this may have on her over the long term.”

It is our understanding that they have met with Elina and are now making the poor girl wait whilst they decide what example they would like to set. We do know that they have deemed her actions worthy of what they call a ‘Major Disciplinary’ with a full blown ‘hearing’ to determine her fate.

We find this development the most unsettling that a university in 2013 appears to be mortified over a student admitting to sleeping around. Have the university chiefs actually ever wandered out onto campus and seen what’s going on, or are they stuck in their plush offices all day?? I also wonder how they may feel if a professor teaching at their establishment was caught using our “degrading and tacky” website?

If anything Exeter University should be thanking Elina for choosing to study there and for entering our contest. As like many commentators have said, we’re sure lots of horny undergrads will consider their university in 2014. We’d certainly have liked to study at the university that houses the UK’s Horniest Student!

Elina is NO DIFFERENT to many other students. The only difference being how refreshingly honest she is to talk about it and to enter a public competition to admit how damn horny she is!

Elina is a smart, confident, attractive young woman. After meeting with her we have no doubt whatsoever she will sail into a job or succeed in setting up her own business (if anyone did indeed read about her ambitions in life). What does having wild sex at university have anything to do with an employer anyway? Winning the contest to many negative responses will have definitely opened her eyes to how many judgmental, Stone Age citizens inhabit this country but it will have also made her stronger and hopefully more determined than ever to prove them wrong. All we can do is defend our winner. Because we genuinely believe she’s great! Here’s a girl who has all the Grade A qualities of a student, but also with the drive and the independence that very few possess.

She’s our hero… and she was also Dlisted’s Slut of the Day.