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1 in 4 Students will catch an STI in their first year at uni


Students – you need to wrap-up!

A survey carried out by ShagAtUni.com has recently revealed that nearly a quarter of you have caught an STI during your first year at university.

We polled 2,177 students and quizzed them on their sex habits and 23% admitted to having caught a sexually transmitted infection during their first year alone.

Our survey also revealed that theatre studies students appeared to be the most promiscuous, with an average of 28 sexual partners while at university.


1. Drama/Theatre Studies – 28
2. Dance – 25
3. Media Studies/PR – 22
4. Biology students- 19
5. Philosophy and ethics – 17
6. English – 15
7. Sports science – 13
8. History of Art s – 13
9. Law – 11
10.Geography – 10

Our survey of 2,177 young adults also found 89% of students do not use condoms for the majority of their sexual encounters.

The poll, which only involved people who had remained single while at university, also revealed that 73% of students were under the influence of alcohol when engaging in the majority of their sexual encounters.

More than half of you – 54% – also admitted to being unable to recall who gave them their STI.

Of the respondents, 32% said they found out about their infection after being contacted by someone they had slept with who had been diagnosed.

Another 27% said they were only diagnosed after being given a free testing kit.

Nearly 60% of students who caught an STI, contracted chlamydia, 18% caught herpes and 14% genital warts.

The stat that worried us most was that 67% of respondents said they would rather risk another STI than use a condom.

In the past ten years, the number of under-25s being diagnosed with STIs has increased by almost 50%.

Gonorrhoea rates are increasing particularly rapidly – they have risen by a fifth in the last year.

This is thought to be because of a new super-strain of the disease that cannot easily be treated with antibiotics.

Rates are highest among the under-25s, with nearly two-third of chlamydia cases, and more than half of gonorrhoea infections, occurring in this age group.

The Public Health England report states: ‘The continuing high STI rates in England suggest too many people are still putting themselves at risk through unsafe sex, especially young adults and men who have sex with men.’

It urges the under-25s to ensure they use protection with ‘casual partners’ and have regular checks at sexual health clinics.

Creator of the Shag At Uni website, Tom Thurlow, made the following comments about the findings of the study:

“I decided to carry out this study as the site always notices a huge increase in new members to the website during fresher’s weeks, as this is obviously when many of the members will be meeting up with individuals they have met on the site for casual sex. I do not believe that being promiscuous and having casual sex are bad traits, however I am passionate about promoting safe sex, as well as the use of condoms amongst the student population of the UK.”