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Application Form for the Best Student Job in the World

So you’ve read about our job post (link to main article) and you want to apply for what we believe could be the best student job in the world? We don’t blame you!

Applications are now open and must be submitted to us no later than Friday 5th October 2018.

Please ensure you are 18 years or over, you are a student at a UK-based university and you have the right to work in the UK.

To apply please download our Application Form, complete it and then e-mail it back to us at:
job (@) 

If your application is successful we may ask you to attend an interview which will be held on Saturday 20th October. So please make sure you keep this date in your diary.

We wish those who are applying the best of luck and we look forward to finding our new recruit!

Students! Apply for our New Job Role “Social & Sexual Activities Investigator”

  • Are you a socially confident student?
  • Do you regularly enjoy going out to bars, downing shots, and being a little promiscuous?
  • Do you want to get paid £40,000 (pro rata) to test and review the social scene at different university towns?
  • Well this could be your opportunity! – the UK’s casual dating site for students – is excited to announce that we are looking for students to apply for our newly created position and become our official ‘Social & Sexual Activities Investigator’.

We want to recruit one lucky member from our website to become our eyes and ears and carry out a first-of-its-kind nationwide report. The new recruit will investigate what the different university towns have to offer students by way of socials, drinking and perhaps most importantly, sex.

Blag yourself an invite to a legendary pre-drink bash, share the rules to the most outrageous drinking games, hit up the local bars and give us the lowdown. Were the drinks cheap? Did your shoes stick to the floor? Tell us the techniques students are using to pull, how and where they’re having it and feel free to share any of your own horny exploits – we’ll edit out anything too blue for the news!

We want to hear which university towns are the best for a good knees-up, easiest on the wallet and offer the biggest playground for students to have fun.  As’s new Social & Sexual Activities Investigator your word carries weight.

We believe that this is a one-of-a-kind job. It’s an opportunity for a socially and a sexually open student to earn some extra cash simply by doing what they already love to do on a typical night out. We won’t ask any student to do anything they wouldn’t normally, and we encourage only students who feel bold enough to have their experience filmed to apply.

The chosen candidate will be rewarded with a handsome £40k salary (pro rata) to film him/herself partying at a different university town each week. We believe there really isn’t a better way to earn and save money for a gap year.

As well as a competitive salary we will also ensure all of the candidate’s travel and accommodation expenses are covered. We just ask that if you do bring any ‘friends’ back they keep their hands out of the mini bar.

To ensure you are well catered for will also provide up to £200 as an entertainment allowance for each leg of your tour so you can comfortably buy food/drinks, a round of shots, or even a VIP booth in the club for you and whoever else you deem fit to join you.

We understand that students have to carefully balance their time between studying and any part-time job they take on. So our job will come with extremely flexible working hours to be agreed upon to suit the successful applicant. are looking for fun, enthusiastic and confident individuals who aren’t afraid to travel solo around the UK. The candidate will need to be extremely comfortable filming themself and their escapades on camera, meeting new people and a great personality for our users to watch.

The successful candidate will be emotionally mature and able to demonstrate their understanding of consensual sex, responsible drink limits as well as champion the importance of safe sex. We want a well-rounded student who can proudly advocate no-strings sex, have a lot of fun and be mindful of their safety and others for the duration of this job.

If this sounds like the job for you, apply here.